Datacard Group demonstrated its Datacard® ID Works Visitor Manager software v6.0 today at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Seminar and Exhibition. Ideal for security-minded enterprises, this affordable and easy-to-use software enrolls visitors using their government-issued credentials and produces secure IDs in seconds.


This new version includes a number of enhancements including a barred visitor list and history database. “We developed ID Works Visitor Manager software with the objective of making it easy to keep track of visitors and guests,” said Connell Smith, vice president of desktop solutions for Datacard Group. “This new version maintains that simplicity, but addresses some of the more dynamic needs of businesses and schools,” he said.


Organizations can now use ID Works Visitor Manager software to check visitors against a database of barred individuals, allowing the operator to allow or deny access. “The barred list feature is ideal for school and corporate settings where certain individuals are not to be allowed on the premises,” said Smith. “There is even a comment box where specific notes can be recorded about each barred person, informing the operator about any action that should be taken.” In addition to barred list activity, ID Works Visitor Manager software v6.0 stores visitor check-in activity directly to a database, giving administrators immediate access to the data for reporting and status updates.