Integral Technologies, Inc., a provider of scalable IT security solutions, announces the release of its new video surveillance application, DigitalSENTRY (DS) ControlPoint. The versatile application interfaces with Integral’s DS video management system software to enable seamless and progressive migration from basic analog to hybrid or pure IP environments as customers’ security needs, resources and infrastructure grow. In order to ensure optimal customer value and system functionality, Integral dedicated more than 12 months to research and development of the new product. Many DS ControlPoint features were conceptualized through focus groups among diverse audience segments and market feedback was directly applied to enhance the applications’ performance. Integral coordinated internal testing parties comprised of multi-functional employee teams that examined DS ControlPoint’s layout, feature set and operational efficiency. To further the product’s quality assurance, rigorous beta testing of DS ControlPoint was conducted in many current Integral client enterprise organizations including Denver Public Schools, Hewlett Packard, Safeway Inc., The Boeing Company and Waste Management, Inc. “DS ControlPoint is the most thoroughly and successfully beta-tested product in Integral’s history,” said Mark Nazarenus, Integral Technologies’ vice president of sales and marketing. “We gained invaluable feedback from our research not only with employees and customers but also with our network of dealers. This effort has resulted in a truly user-friendly product that puts control of complex security systems back in the hands of the end-user.” The open architecture platform of ControlPoint enables DS clients to monitor and manage any combination of analog and IP devices through a single client interface. “This is a future proof solution,” Nazarenus said. “The system expands the capabilities of legacy devices and maximizes our end-users’ investments in current and future security technology.” By utilizing DigitalSENTRY, the lifespan of end-users’ IT-based security assets is extended through predictive monitoring enabled by real-time analytics and network health technology. The DS ControlPoint interface additionally offers quick search of live, recorded and archived audio and video, while the export wizard rapidly downloads digital recordings. Critical data can be accessed, monitored, managed and archived from desktop or remote locations. With the backing of its parent company, Schneider Electric S.A., Integral is continuing its research and development efforts to enhance the functionality of the DigitalSENTRY product line and projects a Q4 2007 release of additional applications that integrate with the DS server software. These releases will include a transactional data interface that aids in retail and banking security, and a software development kit that integrates any third-party hardware or software application with Integral’s DS family of products.