Absolute Software Corporation (“Absolute” or the “Company”) (TSX: ABT), the leading provider of firmware-based, patented, Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection and Secure Asset Tracking solutions today highlighted several recent recoveries made by the Absolute Theft Recovery Team in conjunction with law enforcement. The stories include: recovering its 220th computer on behalf of one of America’s largest school districts, leading authorities to three allegedly dishonest baggage handlers at Tampa International Airport and identifying an alleged home invasion arsonist suspected of setting fire to the home of a northwest coast hospice nurse.

According to Lyle Singular, Area Vice President, Recovery Services, Absolute Software and 25-year law enforcement veteran, “As the embedded footprint of our Computrace products has surged beyond 70 million computers, the importance of teaming Computrace technology with our licensed Theft Recovery Team has been magnified. Without our 650 years of combined law enforcement experience and tight relationships with local police forces, recovering thousands of computers each year would simply not be possible.”

Available on a subscription basis and delivered as a service (SaaS) via the Internet, Absolute’s suite of Computrace solutions are designed specifically to manage mobile computers. For organizations, Computrace inventories computers off the network, remotely deletes sensitive information and offers post-theft forensic analysis. Both Computrace and Absolute’s home office product Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops are backed by the services of the Absolute Theft Recovery Team.

Below are several recent investigations conducted by the Absolute Theft Recovery Team in conjunction with local law enforcement:

Californian School District Laptop Recovered: One of 220 to Date

In an all-too-common scenario for K-12 school districts, thieves allegedly used a cutting device to force entry into a locked classroom and made off with a student notebook.

The school district, one of the largest in the United States, protects nearly 80,000 notebook computers with Computrace, and experienced IT staff reported the theft to Absolute’s Theft Recovery Team.

The Theft Recovery Officer assigned to the case tracked the stolen computer across the country and monitored it as it settled in Memphis, Tennessee. Information sent from the stolen computer indicated that it was in the possession of a police suspect who had open warrants for assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, domestic violence and theft. Before Memphis Police could close in and apprehend the suspect, the laptop abruptly moved and began reporting a new user and location. Police confronted the new owner and learned that she had purchased it from a local pawn shop but had returned it. Police detectives recovered the laptop and returned it to the school district – the 220th computer tracked and returned to the district with help from the Absolute Theft Recovery Team.   

Baggage Handlers Arrested: Traveler’s Notebook Recovered

When a notebook computer packed in baggage from Tampa International Airport failed to arrive at its destination, the notebook’s owner, a Computrace LoJack for Laptops client, informed airport police and the Absolute Theft Recovery Team.

Information gathered by the Theft Recovery Team via Computrace led Tampa police to the home of a suspect. On further investigation, Police learned that the computer allegedly had been purchased from a Tampa International baggage handler for $350 and was only one of many items that had allegedly been stolen from baggage passing through the airport. Ultimately, police apprehended a total of three airport baggage handlers who are now facing charges of theft. The notebook computer has been returned to its owner.

Hospice Nurse Computer Recovered: Home Invasion Arsonist Sought

In a shocking crime, thieves allegedly forced entry into the home of a hospice nurse, stole the young woman’s computer and attempted to burn down her residence in hopes of destroying evidence of their activities. The nurse, a field-based employee of a 60-facility northwest coast hospital system, reported the theft to police and hospital IT staff. The hospital system, who protects its 5,000 mobile computer population with Computrace, informed the Absolute Theft Recovery Team.

Using Computrace data, the Theft Recovery Officer assigned to the case tracked the computer to the home of a suspect. When confronted by Sheriff’s Department officers, the suspect was surprised to learn the computer was stolen and reported having received it from the pastor of their local church. The pastor allegedly received the computer as a fund raising donation from another church member. Police continue the investigation and have now returned the computer to hospital system staff.

How Computrace Solutions Work

The Computrace Software Agent that powers Absolute Software’s solutions is embedded in the BIOS of computers from the world’s leading computer manufacturers right at the factory.1 It can be activated by customers when they purchase a subscription with terms ranging from one to four years.

When a computer equipped with Computrace is reported stolen, Computrace sends a silent signal over the Internet to Absolute’s Monitoring Center, providing critical location information. Absolute then works with local law enforcement to help recover the computer. Embedded in the firmware of a computer, the stealthy Computrace Agent is capable of surviving operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats, replacements and re-imaging.

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