Malware and network security trends were analyzed in a recent report by WatchGuard. According to the report, ninety-five percent of malware hides behind encryption. Most malware lurks behind SSL/TLS encryption used by secured websites. Furthermore, zero day malware dropped to 11% of total malware detections, an all-time low. However, when inspecting malware over encrypted connections, the share of evasive detections increased to 66%.  

Total endpoint malware volume is down slightly, though widespread malware campaigns increased. There was a slight 8% decrease in endpoint malware detections in Q2 compared to the previous quarter. When looking at endpoint malware detections caught by 10 to 50 systems or 100 or more systems, these detections increased in volume by 22% and 21%, respectively.

Double-extortion attacks from ransomware groups increased 72% quarter over quarter, as the report noted 13 new extortion groups. However, the rise in double-extortion attacks occurred as ransomware detections on endpoints declined 21% quarter over quarter and 72% year over year.

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