According to a Devo Technology report, a majority of IT security leaders say that stress has caused them and others to make errors that led to data breaches

Eighty-three percent of IT security professionals admit they or someone in their department has made errors due to burnout that have led to a security breach.

Eighty-five percent say they anticipate they will leave their role due to burnout; 24% say they'll leave cybersecurity entirely and 77% say stress levels at work directly affect their ability to keep customer data safe.

Additional findings include:

  • 76% agree their IT leadership would not last one full day dealing with the number of alerts they manage.
  • 45% of IT professionals felt their leadership hasn't responded proactively to employee burnout and wished their leaders would offer additional training, mentorship and development.
  • 82% say they've been told stress and burnout is just a normal part of their job.

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