Vulnerabilities were analyzed in a recent report by Syxsense. The research shows that 78% of respondents report experiencing an increase in vulnerability volume over the past 12 months with almost a quarter experiencing a breach due to unaddressed vulnerabilities. Half of respondents (51%) reported having a moderate level of visibility into vulnerabilities in their environments. Of that number, 26% have detected more than 100 new vulnerabilities every month.

Additionally, while continuous vulnerability scanning is employed by 35% of respondents, 11% deploy patches the same day they become available and 47% take more than a week. Furthermore, 65% of organizations prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk.

Other research findings include:

  • The majority of respondents are experiencing an increase in vulnerabilities over the last 12 months, with 38% seeing an increase of up to 25%, 25% seeing an increase of 26%-50% and nearly 15% seeing an increase of 51% or more.
  • Budget constraints (56%) and skills shortages (46%) were leading challenges for organizations when it comes to improving vulnerability management.
  • Organizations are most interested in refining the accuracy of vulnerability detection (79%). 

Read the full report here.