The Security Benchmark Report, formerly the Security 500, is built through data collected from the Security Benchmark SurveySecurity leaders who fill out the survey will receive the free anonymized data for their own comparisons into security peer roles and responsibilities. 

Participating in this survey allows security leaders to review data such as security budgets, common security solutions and security programming.

The report also covers security initiatives and management trends within the industry. The report will be published in Security's November 2023 issue. Click here to participate before the July 14 deadline.

The Security Benchmark Report focuses on being a metrics-driven benchmark within your sector and the industry as a whole. This free, editorial benchmarking report aims to compare security programs and examine the maturity of an organization’s program.

Editor’s note: If a facility is part of a larger organization, please pass on the survey to the person responsible for the organization's enterprise-wide security.