The Port of Valparaiso in Chile is updating its security systems. The port receives the highest number of passenger arrivals in Chile and second-highest container movement. In the summer months, the port receives around 40 cruise ships and 100,000 visitors. The port is also built on steep hillsides. 

An upsurge in cruise and freight activity has lead the port to improve its real-time monitoring of operations, including loading and unloading ships and detection of drugs and explosives, to enhance the ability of personnel to identify potential issues and respond effectively. 

The port is using RGB Spectrum’s video wall processor for the command and control center. The video wall is made up of 33 HD displays. The video processor provides real-time acquisition of visual data sources, including computer feeds, surveillance video cameras throughout the facility, radio frequency (RFI) sensors on vessels and containers, VMS systems, access control systems, local and national news and weather broadcasts.