As 2023 approaches, organizations and their security teams are looking to bolster safety in their facilities through video surveillance and other monitoring technologies. From parking management to school safety, organizations are seeing new trends in implementations of security cameras and surveillance.

The "2023 Trends in Video Surveillance" ebook from Eagle Eye Networks identifies five trends that will have large impacts on businesses around the globe in 2023. The report includes trend analysis and practical advice on ways to improve security posture and business efficiency.

The top five video surveillance trends for 2023 are:

  1. Businesses are budgeting for video surveillance platforms that utilize AI. 
  2. Businesses want solutions that reduce operating costs.
  3. Parking is being universally automated.
  4. Schools are experimenting with security technologies to enhance safety. 
  5. Convenient and continuous customer support saves time and manpower.

"Many of the 2023 trends are driven by recent introductions of cloud and [artificial intelligence (AI)] technology that are being rapidly adopted by businesses, schools and organizations across APAC, EMEA and North America," said Dean Drako, Eagle Eye Networks CEO. "A common denominator in 2023 will be affordable, easy-to-use technology that gives an insight into operations."

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