Security spending trends of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) were analyzed in a recent report by Nuspire. The study also charts how CISOs’ and IT security decision-makers’ (ITDMs) challenges and priorities have evolved. 

Changes include a significant reduction in concerns over securing a remote workforce and an increased focus on cybersecurity insurance and incident response. Additional findings from the study include:

  • Ten percent of CISOs/ITDMs manage all of their cybersecurity needs in-house. 
  • CISOs/ITDMs with less than $1 million for outsourcing are more likely not to outsource compared to their peers with larger budgets. 
  • CISOs/ITDMs report increased confidence in their cybersecurity systems, especially considering their security strategy relative to end-user compliance and peers.  
  • CISOs/ITDMs are now more concerned with software applications and email/collaboration tools versus end users and endpoints. 
  • Despite recent economic trends, 58% percent of CISOs and ITDMs said their budgets had increased, and of those, 42% said they have plans to increase their budgets even more.