The opinions of IT professionals were analyzed in a recent report by Torri. The report found that 99% of IT professionals say they’re fulfilled in their jobs, and 94% feel appreciated by their companies. Despite the rising pressure to cut IT costs, 75% of CIO respondents say wasted SaaS spend remains a threat to their company.

Spend (cited by 61% of overall respondents), used to be lower on IT pros’ lists of concerns, but now it virtually ties with cybersecurity (62%). The fear that their organizations’ technology stacks lag behind competitors follows closely at 59%. Seventy five percent of CIOs say their inability to identify wasted SaaS spend is a threat to their company’s success.

Despite CIOs’ concerns, 73% say their organization does not have a strategic framework for evaluating app rationalization and license usage. Thirteen percent say they lack even basic visibility into SaaS spend. Sixty eight percent of respondents work in a centralized IT model.

Fifty percent of respondents point to leadership's cybersecurity experience and awareness as a strong contributor to their company’s cybersecurity preparedness. However, 27% cite cybersecurity systems and tools, and 16% say their companies are strong in training and education.