A recent survey on security team challenges and strategies for 2023 reveals that most IT security professionals plan to focus on improving detect and respond capabilities, despite concerns over increasing costs and regulatory pressures, according to Deepwatch, the survey conductor.

The year-end SecOps pulse survey found that digital transformation initiatives and regulatory requirements were the top two cost drivers anticipated by security professionals for 2023. More than 78% of security professionals expect breach and incident reporting requirements to create more work for their teams, and about the same (77%) expect increased work from privacy requirements.

Cybersecurity insurance is another cost concern for 78% of security professionals. More than one-third (39%) said it’s already too expensive, and another 39% said that although they believe cyber insurance offers value today, that won’t be the case if prices continue to escalate.

To keep up with rising threats, most security teams are prioritizing investments in their respond (46%) and detect (42%) functions of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) framework. As nearly all (95%) of security professionals cited continued staffing challenges, 82% of security professionals either have considered or are currently considering managed services.

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