Marc Rogers, internationally-renowned ‘white hat’ hacker and member of the U.S. Ransomware Taskforce, has joined Q-Net Security as Chief Security Officer (CSO).

Rogers has been a key figure in the world of information security since the late 1980s, both as an ethical hacker and as a cybersecurity expert. He brings specialized and vast security knowledge to Q-Net, a company that designs cybersecurity solutions for defense and critical infrastructure, such as utilities and communications networks.

Rogers’ distinguished and varied career has included hacking Apple's TouchID and the Tesla Model S; revealing vulnerabilities to ultimately make the systems more secure for both the companies and their users. He is also well-known for his work on television, including technical support for USA Network's ‘Mr. Robot’, helping create hacks for the show, and regularly featuring on the BBC series ‘The Real Hustle’ as an on-screen expert and designer of technical scams.

Prior to Q-Net Security, Rogers was Senior Director of Cybersecurity Strategy for Okta, and the Head of Security for Cloudflare. Q-Net will also be Rogers' second time building a security company, as he spent time in South Korea as a CISO, then later moved to Silicon Valley to co-found Vectra.

Rogers is Head of Security for the world's largest hacking conference, DEF CON, where he has been an organizer and champion for safety and equality for 25 years. More recently, he also gained recognition for co-founding the CTI League, as a response to the global pandemic. The CTI League is a collective of professionals, government agencies and law enforcement from 80 different countries who work together to protect the medical sector and other life-saving organizations from cyberattacks. For this work he and his co-founders were named as Wired Magazine's ‘People Making Things Better in 2020’.