Skyfire Consulting, a public safety UAS consulting group, announced the appointment of Michael Briant as Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Michael Rogers as Director of Public Safety. Both will team up and bring their experience to the Skyfire Academy, as they lead a robust training programs in the industry. 

Rogers recently retired from a 22-year career as an FBI Special Agent, where he spearheaded the Bureau’s UAS program, and directed both equipment selection, training programs, and operational deployments. Rogers is a United States Air Force and Law Enforcement veteran with nearly 30 years of experience, serving in roles such as Field Training Officer, investigative Special Agent, SWAT team operator, Sniper/Observer, Pilot in Command, Surveillance Team Leader, and Aviation Program Manager. He also has more than 5,000 hours as a manned aircraft pilot in command.

“We are thrilled to bring someone with Mike Rogers’ knowledge and experience to the team,” said Matt Sloane, CEO and founder of Skyfire. “Having started the UAS program at the most respected law enforcement agency in the world, we look forward to leveraging that expertise to help all of our clients with their program development and training needs.”

Leading  Skyfire’s renewed security and overwatch division is Michael Briant, CSO. Briant founded  Skydas Group International, a wide spectrum strategic security consulting and threat management firm. As a former United States Marine, diplomatic security contractor and law enforcement officer, Briant has faced modern-day challenges in combating terrorism both domestically, and in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe; where he provided security for US ambassadors, congressional delegations, multinational corporations and US and NATO military commanders. Briant is well versed and operationally competent in Counter Assault Team Operations, Tactical Support Team operations, Principal, Personnel and Asset Recovery and extensive traumatic casualty care training.

“The Skyfire team along with Mike’s team at Skydas have formed a close working relationship over the past few years and have provided some of the best UAV and security training available,” said Sloane. “Creating this role and officially adding Mike to the Skyfire family is a natural next step in the evolution of our business.”

Skyfire will offer clients and industry friends the opportunity to hear from Briant and Rogers about their backgrounds and how they plan to lead in their new roles during a special UAS and Security webinar on October 13, 2020 at 12:00pm EST. They will be joined by Atlanta Officer James Cunningham, Skyfire’s Ben Kroll and hosted by CEO Matt Sloane. Please visit, CLICK HERE, to register for the free event.