The cybersecurity workforce is at an all-time high, with an estimated 4.7 million professionals working in the field globally in 2022. Despite adding 464,000 more cybersecurity professionals this year, the data revealed that 3.4 million more cybersecurity workers are needed to secure assets effectively.

The 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study from (ISC)², a nonprofit organization of cybersecurity professionals, surveyed over 11,000 cybersecurity professionals across the globe about the state of the cyber workforce.

Cybersecurity staff shortages

Seventy percent of respondents report their organization does not have enough cybersecurity employees. At the same time, the report finds that 72% of respondents expect their cybersecurity staff to increase somewhat or significantly within the next 12 months — the highest predicted growth rate when compared to the last two years (53% in 2021 and 41% in 2020).

For organizations looking to mitigate staff shortages, the research suggests that initiatives to train internal talent, rotating job assignments, mentorship programs and encouraging employees outside of IT or the security team to join the field were the most effective.

Diversity, equity and inclusion in cybersecurity

The study found that 47% of entry-level cybersecurity staff are people of color, while only 23% of C-suite level staff are people of color. The study noted that 17% of respondents were women, but noted that this percentage may not be reflective of the industry as a whole.

Thirty percent of female and 18% of non-white employees feel discriminated against at work, and only 40% of respondents state their organization offers employee DEI training. 

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