Machine identities now make up 43% of all identities for the average enterprise, according to a recent survey of cybersecurity leaders. Mature identity management programs are becoming essential to securing businesses and enabling digital capabilities at scale.

A report from SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. titled "The Horizons of Identity" surveyed around 300 global cybersecurity executives about the state of identity management at their enterprise organizations.

The expanding identity landscape

The report found that digital identities go far beyond user credentials — today’s enterprises need to secure machine identities, customers, employees, contract and temporary workers, partners, and more.

According to the report, machine identities constitute 43% of all identities for the average enterprise, followed by customers (31%) and employees (16%). The total number of identities is projected to grow by 14% over the next three to five years.

Identity management maturity

Tech companies tend to have the highest level of identity security maturity, according to the report, followed by financial services and security firms. Media and entertainment and transportation, on the other hand, have the most room for growth.

Of companies with the highest identity security maturity, 71% are large enterprises and 64% are located in North America, compared with 21% in Europe and 14% in the Asia-Pacific region.

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