According to a recent cybersecurity report by Hornetsecurity, there was a 144% increase in email attacks. Phishing increased by nearly 4% this year, rising from 39.6% to 43.3% of all email attacks.

Of the 45 billion emails analyzed, more than a third (36.4%) were categorized as unwanted. Within this category, just over 3.6% were identified as malicious.

In the last year, following Microsoft disabling macros by default in Office, there was a significant decline in the use of DOCX files (by 9.5%) and XLSX files (by 6.7%). Instead, cybercriminals opted for HTML files, PDFs (23.3%) and archive files (20.8%).

False DHL accounts for 26.1% of all impersonations, Amazon 7.7% and FedEx 2.3%. All three were in the top 10 most spoofed.

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