The ICBC Turkey Bank (ICBC) operates 38 branches in Turkey, serving as one of the nation's major commercial banks.

Due to its size and location, ICBC faces a number of security challenges, including legislative compliance and a disparate security team. G4S Turkey, a guarding firm that works with the bank, used lessons from the G4S Academy to remain compliant with national security laws and audit security at all ICBC branches.

A law passed in Turkey in 2004, titled 5188, aims to ensure the legitimacy of security services in the country. Government officials vet security programs against a set of standards to determine their status as legitimate. Half of the ICBC branches are secured by G4S guards, while the other half are manned by in-house security staff. To maintain compliance across all locations, G4S designs and executes annual audits to measure security compliance. 

After auditing branches, the guarding firm conducts a risk-based analysis to determine areas of improvement, including physical security initiatives, security technologies and access control. 

G4S also trains all ICBC security employees on physical security awareness and regulatory legislation. The firm operates surprise annual security drills, simulating unattended bags, robberies and more to test security staff on their emergency response.