Michael J. Ducsak is the new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Sourcepass, a digital IT services firm.

In his new role, Ducsak will obtain and maintain compliance with data security regulations, certifications, and standards. Other top objectives in his role include cybersecurity strategy, risk assessment and mitigation, audit and regulatory compliance, security architecture, identity as a service (IDaaS), and cloud and mobile security.

As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Ducsak brings more than 20 years of IT security experience to this position, including building four separate security programs over his career. Known for leading collaborative high-performing teams, Ducsak is an innovator who owns the patent for security software that he has developed.

Before Sourcepass, Ducsak served as CISO for a large ($1.4 billion in assets) global educational, research assessment and technology firm where he was the most senior information security executive. He was named Information Security Compliance Director for a national wireless company, where he developed corporate information security compliance policies, procedures, and standards. In New York City, Ducsak created the first HIPAA Policy Program and Training Suite for New York Health and Hospital Corporation, which was sanctioned under the office of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.