The Puyallup Nation Public Safety Division needed to improve surveillance around the reservation, which is home to over 5,000 members of the tribe and located in Washington State. Public events during fireworks season presented a higher-than-average security risk, so Dennis Young, the tribe's Public Safety Director, sought a surveillance system to increase their security coverage. 

“We have 20 security personnel and ten police officers for 30 days, but we still needed more eyes,” Young said of the increased threat landscape. In order to up security coverage, the Puyallup Nation Public Safety Division implemented surveillance and analytics units from LiveView Technologies. The units are wireless, use active deterrence and can be relocated after events. 

The surveillance and analytics system allows the department to monitor areas where a guard can’t be stationed. The department has stationed units at the tribal docks to secure watercraft, along their Halloween parade route and in the police department’s parking lot. Units are moved as frequently as needed, sometimes up to twice a month.

Additional information about the tribe's use of the surveillance and analytics system can be found here.