Paul Calatayud has been named the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Aqua Security, a cloud native security provider. Calatayud brings 20+ years of experience to his new role at Aqua, where he will help scale the security program, shape strategies to advance innovation in cloud native security and work with end users to enhance a cloud native security posture.  


Calatayud has spent more than two decades leading product and security teams for companies across industries ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Most recently, Calatayud served for over four years as Chief Security Officer at Palo Alto Networks and prior to that, he held various security, privacy and risk roles at SANS, FireMon and Code42 among others.  


“The future of the cloud is now, and cloud native security is not a ‘nice to have,’ but rather a must have,” said Calatayud. “I am eager to join the industry leader at this critical moment for the future of cybersecurity. In my role as CISO, I will focus on ensuring the integrity and security of Aqua’s solutions, so we can maintain the highest level of trust with [end users] as they navigate their cloud transformations.” 


Calatayud plans to grow Aqua’s security team and also focus on supporting product innovation including Aqua’s open source projects. He will prioritize advancing key certifications, including FedRAMP, to ensure product security.