The University of Arizona will partner with Emirates Group Security (EGS), an aviation security practitioner and learning and development provider based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to open a University of Arizona Microcampus network location allowing UAE citizens access to online degree programs in security.

The agreement will promote collaboration and research on general and security-specific subjects from certificates to postgraduate courses delivered online by University of Arizona faculty with supplemental on-site services and courses provided by EGS at their headquarters and training facilities. Students will be facilitated through the EGS Centre of Aviation Security Studies (CASS) campus in Garhoud, Dubai (UAE).

“This new agreement creates a University of Arizona global location that will provide opportunities for EGS employees and citizens of the UAE to pursue higher education,” said Folks, “and we are pleased to be a part of this initiative.”

Well-established in the aviation security industry for over three decades, EGS provides a comprehensive curriculum of aviation and security-related programs affiliated with leading local and international certification bodies. The organization delivers over 30 courses and two diploma programs in its training institute and is a leader of security studies and education in the region. 

“This agreement marks another step forward towards our vision of strengthening the global aviation community by providing AVSEC industry professionals with comprehensive, cutting-edge education and training," said EGS Divisional Senior Vice President Dr. Abdulla Al Hashimi.

The agreement also aligns with the vision and strategy of the UAE leadership and its commitment to further improve its already top global safest city rankings by ensuring the highest safety and security benchmarks, especially in areas of education.