According to the 2021 Global Passenger Survey from the International Air Travel Association (IATA), 73% of passengers are interested in using biometric data instead of boarding passes and passports for all airport processes.

The survey asked over 13,000 airline passengers about their experiences with air travel, including security processes and the use of biometrics. While 73% of respondents displayed interest in biometrics replacing boarding passes and passports, passengers also expressed concerns around data collection:

  • Fifty-six percent of passengers are concerned about loss of data due to data breaches
  • Over half (52%) of passengers reported concern over a lack of knowledge of with whom their data is shared
  • Fifty-one percent showed worry around not knowing how data is handled or stored

These concerns may reflect the need for transparency surrounding biometric data collection. The survey highlighted another potential use for biometrics, revealing that 51% of passengers would be willing to share biometric data with hotels or car rental companies to further facilitate their journeys.

For more findings about airport security, download the survey highlights.