Mister Car Wash, Inc., North America’s largest car wash network, has upgraded and optimized its video monitoring and alarm systems. 

With over 350 car washes nationwide, and rapid expansion plans, Mister Car Wash is committed to delivering a safe and consistent customer experience across all its locations. To address their unique safety requirements, Mister Car Wash chose Interface Security Systems to overhaul its CCTV and alarm installations and create a foundation for consistently replicating safety and security best practices across all future locations. 

As a part of the upgrade, security camera feeds were integrated with a third-party vehicle anti-collision system to increase efficiency and reduce the chances of accidents inside the car wash tunnel. The solution tracks the flow of vehicles inside the car wash tunnel and automatically stops the conveyor belt if an imminent collision is detected.

Jim Figueredo, Director of Asset Protection at Mister Car Wash. “[Integrating] our cameras and NVR with the anti-collision system...has allowed us to reduce costs while improving operations.” 

With the new upgrades, Mister Car Wash is able to expand operations rapidly while delivering a safe and consistent customer experience. By upgrading and optimizing the video monitoring and alarm systems, Mister Car Wash has reduced false alarms, minimized instances of false vehicle damage claims, reduced general liability issues and improved overall safety at their locations. 

Having upgraded over 90 locations, Mister Car Wash is collaborating with Interface to eventually bring most of its countrywide network of locations to the new technology standard.