The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) hosts over 175,000 concert attendees each year in the Hilbert Circle Theatre, a building constructed in 1913. When the ISO decided to update its security system, the orchestra prioritized a solution that was unobtrusive for its patrons and could be installed without major renovations to the historic theater.

The ISO previously employed an access control solution involving security staff waving wands and conducting searches of patron bags. With their new system, furnished by STANLEY Security and Evolv, the ISO security team can now scan for prohibited items without coming into direct contact with concertgoers.

When patrons enter the Hilbert Circle Theatre, they pass through the Evolv screening system, which uses proprietary sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish between personal items and weapons. The weapons detection system aims to reduce wait time and contact points for guests arriving at the venue while ensuring that no prohibited items enter the concert hall.