Andrew Obadiaru has joined Cobalt as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). 

Obadiaru brings more than 20 years in the security and technology industry and rich history of managing and mitigating risk across changing technologies, software and diverse platforms. As CISO, Obadiaru will be responsible for maintaining Cobalt’s systems, services, data confidentiality, integrity and availability. 

Prior to joining Cobalt, Obadiaru was the Head of Information Security for BBVA USA Corporate Investment banking, where he oversaw the creation and execution of Cyber Security Strategy for BBVA USA. In his 20 years of security experience in different industries, he has built and leveraged an organization’s threat detection capabilities, aligned with an agile threat and incident response rooted in technologies and processes, with well-defined recovery capabilities at the core of cyber resilience. Obadiaru has also led viable security risk mitigation roadmaps, computer architecture command and application, information security, risk management operating systems, and data structures, consistently uniting high-performing teams toward results.