SecurityScorecard released a complimentary book, "The Perfect Scorecard: Getting An 'A' in Cybersecurity From Your Board Of Directors." The book offers best practices in closing the communications gap between security experts and the board members tasked with the organization's governance and oversight activities. SecurityScorecard engaged a select group of 17 expert CISOs and security executives to write chapters focusing on different topics that educate readers about cybersecurity.

"Our objective has always been to make the world a safer place, and we have found that board members are often not clear about how vulnerable their organization is to cyber risks," said Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder of SecurityScorecard. "CISOs and security executives, in turn, are unsure of how to communicate that risk to their board. Accordingly, this book provides an educational resource to help both parties communicate and understand each other better. This is critical for organizations to have a clear picture of cybersecurity risk in 2021 and beyond."

The book features submissions from CEOs, CISOs, board of director members, and business leaders to offer actionable advice and best practices on effectively closing the communication gap between CISOs and boards to accelerate organizational success. They include:

  • Dr. Ed Amoroso, Chief Executive Officer at TAG Cyber
  • Mark Weatherford, Chief Strategy Officer at the National Cybersecurity Center
  • Laura Deaner, Chief Information Security Officer at Northwestern Mutual
  • Brian Stafford, Chief Executive Officer at Diligent Corporation
  • Roota Almeida, Chief Information Security Officer at Delta Dental of NJ and CT
  • Jonathan Dambrot and Rik Parker, Principals at KPMG
  • Derek Vadala, Chief Executive Officer at VisibleRisk
  • Anthony Dagostino, Executive Vice President, Global Cyber and Technology Practice at Lockton Companies
  • Ray Mabus, former Secretary of the United States Navy and current Chief Executive Officer at Mabus Group
  • Brian Cincera, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer at Pfizer, Inc
  • Moriah Hara, Head of Cybersecurity & Technology Risk (CISO 2nd line) at BMO Financial Group
  • Adam Bishop, President and CEO at Cyber R&D Lab
  • Edna Conway, VP, Chief Security and Risk Officer at Azure, a Microsoft Corporation
  • Charles Blauner, Partner and CISO in Residence at Team8 and President of Cyber Aegis
  • Dr. Taher Elgamal, Chief Technology Officer for Security at Salesforce

The channel between CISOs and other top-ranking security executives and their governance boards is broken today for many companies. Corporate board members are known for their relentless focus on the bottom line - and with good reason. CISOs and other security executives are often mired in technical language and expertise and, many times, are unable to communicate the business impact that cybersecurity has on the bottom line. All security executives must be confident in speaking to boards, and in turn, boards must understand where their security executives are coming from. This book speaks directly to both groups and offers guidance for providing a clear picture of cybersecurity risk, especially as attack surfaces have proliferated with increased digitization and cloud dependence.

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