The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management (CEM) offers a fully integrated suite of products: OnSolve Risk Intelligence, Critical Communications and Incident Management. At the core of the platform is Risk Intelligence. Its AI engine uses machine learning to ingest thousands of verified data sources, identify the most critical events facing an organization and deliver these alerts to the right people at the right time. The platform’s risk intelligence capabilities, coupled with foundational critical communications innovation and incident management, enables organizations to: bypass human analysis using an AI engine, so customers or in-house analysts can communicate faster and quickly activate crisis response plans; filter out irrelevant data, so staff can monitor only the critical events that matter most to their people, places and property; target alerts to the right people immediately to enable informed, proactive decisions; identify active incidents at a glance, improving response times and enabling customers to activate their business continuity plans and virtually collaborate in real time, from any location.

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