The right access control technology can make your physical building interactive to the people who spend their days in it. It can integrate with other critical business software and contribute insightful data for comprehensive organizational wellness.


What if that business security solution was built to be flexible for every type of business, from small companies to the world’s largest enterprises?

At Brivo, we’ve always believed that we can create a better future for business security by providing leadership through groundbreaking technology built to help our customers and partners thrive. Our latest leadership demonstration comes in the form of Brivo Access, the 4th generation building security platform with robust data analytics, streamlined workflows, operational and identity management integrations, and powerful security features to improve efficiency, enhance safety and empower activity analysis to transform your facility.


The Future of Business Security is Has Arrived

…And it’s for everyone.

Everyone deserves access to better security data, remote and mobile management of their facilities. Brivo Access is offered in three editions so you can select the right package of technology to automate access control and use data to transform your facility and achieve your security and business operations goals.

For small businesses we have the Standard Edition: the ‘gold standard’ to establish essential access control operations, secure facilities and protect people. This edition has all the capabilities you expect but with the option to easily add functionality and integrations  as needed.

For medium to large sized companies we offer the Professional Edition. Professional includes all the features of the Standard Edition plus capabilities like customized trend analysis, integrated identity management to connect with G-suite, Okta and other IAM systems. It also includes a package of door readers and mobile passes as well as the ability to  integrate with any application and advanced analytics to unlock access trends and link physical security to the rest of your business.

For organizations that have more diverse and complex security infrastructure,  the Enterprise Edition contains the most robust solution for access control and data insights to see exactly what is happening across any site. Business intelligence and machine learnings capabilities are built into the package.


A New Era in Access Control

“Until now, there hasn’t been a cloud access platform built for the largest enterprise users. We are taking the industry into a new space where cloud-based security services can penetrate the enterprise. The first enterprise SaaS platform.” – Steve Van Till, President & CEO, Brivo.

Brivo Access was developed to fit into an enterprise tech stack. It was built to enable a complex  data analytics infrastructure and includes the Data Explorer function. This allows you to render your data useful by organizing and structuring it to allow you to see events and patterns in events to help you make better insightful decisions from complex data sets.

For enterprise businesses, “data is the new oil,” leaders want to be able to mine data as much as possible for business insights and trends. With that in mind, Brivo Access was developed with a barrier-breaking data infrastructure. The traditional transaction oriented database has been replaced with an analytic database that allows Brivo Access to support these critical enterprise functions:

  • Analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Business intelligence
  • Customizable Data Representation


Enterprise Level Physical Security Software

Robust enterprise systems offer leading-edge technologies and features to propel enterprise forward. Enterprise software is priced to reflect the depth of the system. Traditional security systems have been undervalued due to the old perceptions of physical security as “guards and guns,” a “good enough is good enough and just get it done non-strategic approach to security. This view of physical security results in small security budgets in accordance with its low status.


But the times have changed

Physical security has evolved to cloud and SaaS delivery models. SaaS is poised to take enterprise security by storm and Brivo Access is the breakthrough product from the leading proptech company providing enterprises operating at scale the depth of features and record of successful execution that they demand.

With over 20 years of experience, Brivo has been the  disruptor in the security industry. We understand what customers want and need from their data and now we’ve delivered the analytics platform enterprise customers need.

Why is Brivo better than the competition? We are uniquely positioned with over 20 million users in more than 50 thousands sites worldwide and more cloud-based data than anyone in the market. We are the only company able to build a completely new data backend optimized for analytics.

When we say groundbreaking, we mean it. There are no benchmarks except what we’ve created. We are leading the way for the security industry into the enterprise market. Welcome to Brivo Access.

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