Benchmarking your security program against others in your sector can prove extremely valuable for your organization and key stakeholders. Security's editorial project The Security Benchmark Report, aims to do just that and allow your security team to compare initiatives, costs, and value among others in your sector.

Benchmarking can be a costly and complex endeavor. The Security Benchmark Report survey is free to enter and our editorial team will report the findings in our November 2021 digital edition and online for Security.

Find out where security budgets have gone since last year, how your roles and responsibilities match up to other security professionals in your sector, and more. 

We know roles and responsibilities of those within security are greatly varied from organization to organization and sector to sector. No matter your title, if you are the senior-most leader responsible for your organization's enterprise-wide security, please fill out the survey today. The more data we garner, the more relevant the reporting becomes. Thanks for being a part of our editorial efforts and helping us provide the security industry with necessary, important metrics that you can use to bring back to your organization.

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Depending on the data, we will attempt to provide benchmarking data for the following market sectors:

  • Aerospace & Defense (including gov. contractors)
  •  Agricultural/Farming/Food Production & Processing/Forestry/Food & Beverage Services
  •  Banking/Financial Services/Insurance/Reinsurance
  •  Business Services/Professional Services/Consulting, etc.
  •  Charities, NGOs, Foundations & Religious Institutions (Non-Profit)
  •  Construction Services & Materials
  •  Cultural Institutions (Museums, Gardens & Zoos)
  •  E-Commerce
  •  Education/ K12
  •  Education/ University/College/Technical Institutions
  •  Entertainment Industry (Sports leagues, Media & Publishing, TV, Movies, Music, Video, Gaming, Recreation, Amusement Parks, Sports facilities)
  •  Government (Federal, State, Local and Government Agencies)
  •  Healthcare (Hospitals, Medical Centers, etc.)
  •  Hospitality/Hotels/Casino/Vacation Properties
  •  Information Technology/Media (Equipment, Software, Services)
  •  Logistics/Warehousing/Ports (air, sea, etc.)/Distribution/Shipping/Freight Transportation
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  •  Real Estate/Property Management/Housing
  •  Retail/Restaurant
  •  Transportation Passenger Services (Airlines, Taxi, Bus, Rail, Ferry, Cruise Lines, Rental Cars, Rental Trucks etc.)
  •  Utilities (Oil & Gas, Water, Waste Management & Equipment, Renewable/Clean Energy, Electric, Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Environmental Services)