Metro Transit, the transit agency that serves southwestern Illinois and eastern Missouri, has implemented a number of safety and security measures as part of its COVID-19 response. Recently. the transit agency announced it is deploying a fogging device with antimicrobial technology to reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses and other germs on its transit systems. Crews will use the device to create a protective barrier on surfaces that lasts for 30 days, according to Metro Transit.

According to the transportation agency, for eight months, Metro Transit researched and tested new sanitizing products that offer a microbe shield as added protection against COVID-19. The products are water-based, alcohol-free and free from dangerous chemicals, according to the organization's statement. With other sanitizing products, a surface is only germ free until the next person comes along and touches it.

“This technology is a game changer, and we are thrilled to introduce this innovative sanitizing solution to better protect our riders and team members during this ongoing global health crisis,” said Taulby Roach, President and CEO of Bi-State Development. Metro Transit is a Bi-State Development enterprise. “Their health and well-being is our top priority, and this tremendous new tool is helping to ensure that our riders and our operators feel safe while traveling on the region’s transit system.”

Metro Transit operates the St. Louis region’s public transportation system, which includes 400 clean-burning diesel buses that serve 68 MetroBus routes in eastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois. Metro also operates MetroLink light rail vehicles on 46 miles of track serving 38 stations in the two-state area, and operates Metro Call-A-Ride, a paratransit fleet of 123 vans. Metro Transit is a Bi-State Development enterprise.​