The Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System in South Carolina is using robots to help keep its hospitals clean. The Tru-D robots are smart UVC disinfection units that can kill germs of non-porous services with a UV light. 

The robots, which don't need to move around the room to disinfect, have setting that can be controlled on iPads, such cleaning mode and time period.

Tru-D SmartUVC makes the robots and is based in Nashville. According to the manufacturer, Tru-D ensures significant pathogen reduction in direct and shadowed areas and minimizes the chance of human error in the disinfection process. Adjusting for room variables such as size, shape and amount of equipment in the room, Tru-D emits one, lethal cycle of UVC energy to disinfect an entire room.

The robots have also been deployed in Jackson Hospital in Alabama and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton in New Jersey to name a few.