Entrust surveyed U.S. and U.K.based adults with smartphones to see their thoughts on consumer data privacy. The State of Consumer Data Privacy Survey found that only 21% of respondents said they trust established global brands to keep their personal information secure. This lack of trust in big brands could be why nearly a third (31%) of consumers said they actively monitor the news for any potential breaches involving their information. 

At the same time, however, 64% of the respondents said they are at least somewhat willing to share personal information with an app in exchange for more relevant, personalized and/or convenient services. A large majority of respondents (83%) said they're at least somewhat comfortable with using or storing biometric data with apps and services.

The overwhelming majority (82%) of consumers considered themselves at least somewhat proactive about maintaining their data privacy, yet 43% said they don’t carefully review the terms and conditions before downloading a new app. 

Of the consumers who do not read terms and conditions, 69% listed the amount of time it takes to read them as their reason for not doing so while 28% said they don’t read terms and conditions because they don’t understand what they explain.