How can you protect yourself and your business from digital dangers – and safeguard your privacy and data against a rising wave of online concerns? Inside Scott Steinberg’s new book Cybersecurity: The Expert Guide, available January 26, 2021, readers will discover how to defend against cybercrime – today’s fastest-growing form of criminal activity – and implement best practices and high-tech safeguards that can help them stay one step ahead of hacks, data breaches, phishing attempts, identity theft, online fraud, and other common high-tech threats.

In Cybersecurity: The Expert Guide, readers will find comprehensive planning guides covering how to promote cybersecurity awareness throughout your business, and how to protect personal and professional information from cyber threats such as viruses, malware, trojans, and more. Readers will discover which tools and technologies that you can implement to stop cyberattacks, online fraud, and identity theft in their tracks, and strategies that you can apply to more effectively spot and respond to all manner of high-tech threats. With more information being exchanged and interactions happening online with each passing year, it’s only a matter of time before cybercriminals put the business in their crosshairs. Happily, as readers discover in Cybersecurity: The Expert Guide, a little up-front planning and preparation is all it takes to more rapidly spot and contain incoming threats.

From defending cloud services and online apps against disruption to safeguarding mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, as the book explains, the best defense is a good offense. Inside, readers will find all manner of solutions that can help you boost cyber awareness amongst staff, ingrain healthy high-tech habits in the business, and enhance both the organization’s resilience and response times.


·         Step-By-Step Strategy and Planning Guides

·         Employee Training and Education Programs

·         Best Practices and Safeguards to Implement

·         Security Programs: Managing Networks and Devices

·         Instructions for Addressing High-Tech Threats

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