A number of agencies have come out with toolkits and tips to help enterprises and other organizations plan for and ration their personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies. The use and need for PPE among enterprises, organizations and individuals around the world will only continue for the foreseeable future and planning and estimating supplies is a valuable metric organizations can use to plan for the future.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthcare Resilience Working Group released a toolkit to help organizations implement Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) preservation strategies to help prevent or mitigate PPE shortages during the pandemic. This tool is meant for planning purposes so that organizations can estimate the impact of implementation of their preservation strategies on PPE burn rate and supply longevity. 

Other related tools include the NIOSH PPE Tracker App, the CDC Burn Rate Calculator, and the EMS PPE Supply Estimator. These tools were developed for security and enterprise leaders to estimate burn or use rate of their PPE based on historical usage or on use practices for PPE supplies. According to the Department of Health and Human Services' Healthcare Resilience Working Group, these tools can be used complementarily with the PPE Preservation Planning Toolkit for estimation and planning purposes.