The Standoff is an online competition where cybersecurity experts can put their skills to the test against professional hackers. That's right - your organization can test its defense skills over a battle for control over digital replicas of real-life IT infrastructure being targeted by real-life hackers. 

Taking place November 12-17, 2020, The Standoff is a cyber-range platform launched by IT and information security experts committed to advancing the development of secure IT infrastructure.

The project provides a unique simulation testbed to demonstrate the possible impacts of cybercrime on the high-tech infrastructure of a modern city. The Standoff gives enterprise cybersecurity leaders a chance to understand the complex interrelationships of today’s IT infrastructure, exposing the underlying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. The virtual city of The Standoff contains the same elements (and accompanying vulnerabilities) as a real city: there are industrial facilities, power plants, banks, offices, mobile operators, transportation systems, sports infrastructure, entertainment facilities, and more. 

In addition to the real-time battle, the event also includes a conference with panels by information security specialists on topics including, security technologies for banking and processing systems, modern approaches to hardware security and more. Participants can open chat with competitors and experts.