Access control is an important issue even under normal circumstances. But right now, in the middle of a pandemic, it’s at the forefront of almost every discussion. There are many ways that today’s access control can be used to greatly increase the safety and well being of staff and site visitors. Using you access control system beyond just access in and out of the front door can garner your security team more situational awareness and more data for operational efficiencies.

For example, access control readers using contactless technology can help prevent the spread of infection by limiting contamination of door hardware, particularly helpful during COVID-19 response as organizations continue operations and resume in-house work.

Additionally, software features like being able to set checkpoints at various locations within a building or managing the number of people within a given area help to ensure a facility is more COVID-secure. These types of features can also help to control overcrowding and maintain social distancing in designated areas.

Adding thermal scanning and CCTV integrations to an access control system adds another level of protection by helping ensure that people with raised temperatures don’t gain entry.

Some access control systems incorporate thermal scanning - a simple and quick solution to support COVID-secure buildings. It works as a safety measure by ensuring that those with a raised temperature cannot enter or put people at risk without further validation. When a user walks up to the scanner it automatically reads their temperature. If their temperature is within a safe range, the system allows them to use their credential to gain access. If a raised temperature is detected, the system will not allow the credential to be read.

Managing the volume of people within a given area helps aid in social distancing by ensuring that only a limited number of people can gain access. This can work in conjunction with TV screens or monitors placed in designated areas for viewing the current capacity and limitations of a particular area. Combining this with the software features mentioned above means you can automatically or manually validate people based on capacity. When maximum occupancy is reached, an email or text message can be sent to the person within the organization monitoring capacity.

There is no single solution that is guaranteed to provide 100% safety. However, by combining multiple solutions such as CCTV, non-touch entry points, thermal scanners, and the latest software with your access control solution, you can significantly increase site safety and maintain business continuity.

The best solution for a business wanting a simple and efficient solution is a fully integrated system. Integrated systems provide greater control of a site. Most people expect technology to integrate seamlessly in their personal lives and this expectation carries over to their work environment. It is the same for access control, video surveillance, intruder alarms and fire alarms. The benefit of having multiple electronics security systems integrated into one platform creates a better user experience and makes it simple to manage and maintain a secure site.

Many enterprises are using Bluetooth or mobile credentials with their access control systems, as well as more sensors such as GPS location tracking to get the most out of a fully integrated security solution. Sensors and GPS location tracking can help ensure more environmentally friendly buildings - a building’s heating or lighting systems can be optimized to ensure energy is not being wasted. It goes a step further by closing window shades at predetermined times of the day depending on the sun and if someone is using that specific area.

Imagine your coffee machine having a fresh brewed cup of coffee ready because it knows you just scanned your badge at the entrance. This type of emerging technology will continue to become more mainstream.

When people are faced with great challenges, they come together, become more resourceful and help each other. By being creative and leveraging the benefits of existing access control technology, you can ensure your organization feels more secure.