ISC West began this week with a keynote from Michael MacKenzie, general manager of IoT connectivity & control services at Amazon Webservices IoT.

In his keynote, titled “On the Edge of Transformation: Securing a Connected Future with IoT,” MacKenzie explained the benefits and complexities of IoT, using Amazon’s Webservices IoT strategy as an example.

According to MacKenzie, IoT security is complex, since new attack vectors are constantly emerging, meaning device settings need to be continuously audited and security issues will need to be remediated.

“Your IoT security strategy will need to look to your culture and your future,” he said.

Additionally, it is estimated that by 2025, there will be 41 billion connected devices around the world. And, IoT security incidents are increasing with the growth of the IoT space. According to the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 research team, more than half of IoT devices are vulnerable to severe attacks.

According to MacKenzie, this means incorporating best practices like automating security best practices and preparing for security events before they occur.

“You need to apply security at all levels,” MacKenzie said.

The best IoT security solutions are rooted in cloud security. And for IoT, additional precautions need taken, according to MacKenzie.

He listed 10 “golden rules” to follow when incorporating IoT, including using cryptographic network protocols and avoiding collecting any unnecessary data.

MacKenzie concluded his presentation with a real-world example of AWS IoT, specifically its Device Defender, with ThermoFisher Scientific, which used AWS IoT Greengrass and AWS Device Defender for IoT Security to check when certificates expire and automatically update them.

The session can be viewed on the ISC West virtual event engagement hub, and begins three days of more than 25 SIA Education@ISC sessions, nine virtual vendor solutions sessions, networking events, discussion group chats and demonstrations from exhibitors in the Exhibitor Tech Center. Every day will conclude with a networking event at 5 p.m.

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