DataGrail released a Mid-Year CCPA Trends Report, which uncovers how the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is affecting consumers and businesses. The proprietary research finds that people are regularly opting-out of companies who sell their personal information, with “do-not-sell” being the most commonly exercised right, occurring nearly 50% of the time over access and deletion requests.

Californians are exercising their CCPA rights to access & delete their data, and opt-out of their personal information being sold according to the research:

  • Consumers opt-out of their personal information being sold most of the time — 48%
  • Deletion requests make-up 31% of data subject requests
  • Access requests make-up 21% of data subject requests (DSRs)

According to DataGrail, B2C companies should prepare to process approximately 170 total DSRs per one million consumer records each year.

83% of consumers expect to have control over how businesses use their data, and this research confirms that people are taking action to control their privacy by exercising rights provided by the CCPA. Consumers are accessing their data (21%), deleting their data (31%) and requiring that businesses do-not-sell their personal information (48%).