At Memorial Healthcare System in the City of Owosso, Mich., Jeff Hauk has laid the foundation and established a vision that guides the members and standards of the nationally recognized department, creating a “gold standard” in healthcare security. Prior to his arrival, Memorial Healthcare did not have a Public Safety Department.

Since Hauk joined, he has constructed the Public Safety department from the ground up and has been instrumental in the implementation, growth and development of Memorial Healthcare’s security risk management approach, along with their regimented training processes and technological capabilities. “Of all the training programs that we have developed, it is our firearms program that I believe is one of the most innovative and comprehensive around; and of creating leadership development and career ladder programs for my staff, including the impact they have had in driving recruitment, talent development and compensation strategies to modernize and make the security profession not just a job, but an actual career path,” Hauk says.

One of Hauk’s biggest passions is in protecting and serving others. “The security industry as a whole is one of the fastest moving, demanding and ever-changing arenas. It offers the opportunity to have a truly meaningful impact on others. It is a dynamic and exciting career path for the right person. For success, you must be passionate about being of service to others, resilient and tenacious in your approach, enjoy the challenge of change and have the ability to both inspire and influence others,” he says.

Over the years, he has developed a reputation for strong leadership; organizational development; a consistent ability to effectively deal with emerging security challenges; creativity in employing leading industry practices; and a knack for developing critical public and private partnerships. Hauk has accumulated numerous certifications and awards, including 2019 IFPO’s “Bill Zalud’s Memorial Award for Professional Excellence” special runner-up; 2017 Campus Safety magazine’s Director of the Year-Healthcare and runner-up in 2019. He is a former ASIS Chapter Chair, current ASIS Leadership, and management council member.

Previously, Hauk was a District Risk Manager for the Natrona, Wyo. County School District, where he built a security risk awareness culture to include overall direction of all loss control and prevention, emergency preparedness, fire and life safety, security operations, and an SRO program. He has also held executive CSO roles at the El Paso Water Utilities and Emergent BioSolutions, where beyond developing the program from its infancy stages to national recognition, he is most proud of driving and implementing a convergence strategy for an ever-expanding global operation. Hauk states, “the program’s growth, along with the organization’s trajectory during that same time, was truly monumental and will likely never be duplicated."

He adds, "It is rewarding to be an ambassador, advocate and thought leader for our industry, as well as a leader of and mentor to the next generation of security professionals. I am especially proud of the men and women that I have had the privilege to lead, coach and mentor along the way. I have been fortunate to see many of them go on to positions of increased responsibility and become outstanding security ambassadors in their own right.”