As businesses around the world strive to get back to work, it has been difficult for many organisations to assess information regarding the effect COVID-19 and associated restrictions may have on their ability to operate. Consultancy firm International SOS put together an interactive map which shows how difficult to may be to open and operate in a given country. 

The map is updated daily, and is based on International SOS’ data points and insight. It scales each country from 1-5, with a one indicating that a business could operate within broadly similar health and security constraints experienced pre-COVID-19, while a five indicates that business operations are likely to be severely impacted if not impossible.

COVID-19 impact map for business reopening

Notable findings from the map include:

  • UK – 2 (Low Disruptive Impact on a business’ ability to operate)
  • US – 2
  • France – 3 (Medium Disruptive Impact)
  • Germany – 2
  • China – 2
  • India – 3  
  • Nigeria – 3
  • New Zealand – 1 (Little to no disruption compared to pre-COVID situation)
  • Columbia – 4 (High level of business disruption) 

Dr Neil Nerwich, Group Medical Director, Assistance Worldwide at International SOS commented, “While we all strive to return to full operations, access to up to date and accurate information is vital as the effects of COVID-19 continue to fluctuate. We know that this can potentially make the difference between returning to sustainable or to extremely limited operations. While we cannot fully pre-empt the course of the pandemic or its wide-ranging impacts, being agile enough to quickly implement strategies based on insights will help minimise business impact and, critically, protect the workforce.”

The scales in the map represent the following business operations impacts due to COVID-19:

COVID-19 impact map for business reopening