UC San Diego denounced an Instagram account claiming an affiliation with the university that posted "hateful, racist content" on its page, while a similar investigation was underway at the University of San Diego, according to a news report

"We firmly denounce what was shared on this account and condemn all forms of racism and hate," the school wrote in a statement on social media Monday afternoon. 

Similarly, the University of San Diego posted a statement last weekend indicating the school was aware "that abhorrent and hateful Instagram accounts, claiming ties to USD, have been used to post white supremacy propaganda."

In addition, UCSD says its Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination - which provides assistance to students, faculty and staff regarding reports of bias, harassment and discrimination - is working with the school's chief information security officer to investigate the account, says the news report. 

"If found that UC San Diego community members are involved, they will be held accountable," the statement said. "UC San Diego stands with our Black community members and firmly against all forms of racism and hate. We encourage our community to actively counter racist speech and to be an ally and advocate to any group that is harmed, by upholding UC San Diego's Principles of Community and our commitment to each other as Tritons."