Purdue University’s Cyber Apprenticeship Program (P-CAP) has launched at Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division (NSWC Crane) to advance cybersecurity capabilities. 

The launch at NSWC Crane comes after months of collaboration between the Warfare Center Division and Purdue to design and develop learning outcomes for the apprenticeship program that align with the Department of Defense’s guidelines for cybersecurity staff, says Purdue. The alignment with the DoD will allow for implementation across the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Warfare centers.

The P-CAP-registered apprenticeship program supported by the U.S. Department of Labor is being launched to support the rapidly expanding demand for cybersecurity professionals across the nation. The Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration awarded the job-training grant to Purdue to develop a pathway to higher education for at least 5,000 cybersecurity apprentices by 2023. The program offers online degree programs through Purdue and its education partners, along with industry-recognized certifications, a leadership academy, and on-the-job-training for U.S. citizens and green card holders who are at least 18 years old.

By leveraging the P-CAP program, NSWC Crane will train its current and future workforce for critical cybersecurity jobs. The apprenticeship program model uses Purdue’s highly ranked education, faculty, and academic rigor. 

“By becoming a Department of Labor-registered apprenticeship provider, NSWC Crane will have access to P-CAP candidates from across the nation,” said Patricia Herndon, department director, Expeditionary Warfare, NSWC Crane.  “I am also pleased to serve on the Women and Minority Advisory Council for the program to support the advancement of underrepresented individuals in cybersecurity.”

Doreen Gonzalez-Gaboyan, assistant director of P-CAP and NSWC Crane’s point of contact, said, “The partnership between Purdue and NSWC Crane enables both military personnel and civilians in the cybersecurity community at NSWC Crane, along with the industrial defense base, to advance their skills and capabilities to support a strong cybersecurity posture for the U.S.”

Purdue’s Cyber Apprenticeship Program is convening metro-regional stakeholders across the U.S. to implement the apprenticeship program. The collaboration between NSWC Crane and the industrial defense sector ensures that education, on-the-job training and recruiting are establishing benchmarks that will be meaningful to all agencies of the Department of Defense, says Purdue. 

For more information, contact Doreen Gonzalez-Gaboyan at gaboyand@purdue.edu or visit purdue.edu/pcap