Since 2005, the US has seen more than 10 billion data breaches. A new study by Omnisend reveals the US companies that have had the largest number of data breaches. 

Making up the biggest portion was a 2016 breach of Yahoo! where over 3 billion pieces of data were leaked. At the time it ranked as the biggest data breach in history, says the study. 

Top 10 largest data breaches by organization:

  1. Yahoo!                               3,500,000,000
  2. River City Media               1,370,000,000
  3. FriendFinder                     412,000,000
  4. MySpace                           360,000,000
  5. Exactis                               340,000,000
  6. Marriot International         327,000,000
  7. Epsilon                               250,000,000
  8. Deep Root Analytics         198,000,000
  9.                     167,000,000
  10. Under Armour                   150,000,000

Housing some of the largest companies in the world, California saw the most data breaches by US state with a total of over 5,750,000,000 data breaches. This alone made up for 56 percent of the US’s total cases from 2005 to 2019, says the study. 

South Dakota, Wyoming and Vermont rank as the least breached states in the US since 2005. The Privacy Rights data also revealed the cities where data breaches have been most common between 2005 and 2019, with New York leading the way.

Top five states with the most data breaches:

  1. California      5,750,000,000
  2. Oregon          1,300,000,000
  3. Florida           402,928,731
  4. Georgia         353,951,510
  5. Texas             349,995,887