A new Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index finds an increased in social & professional distance, along with climbing mental and emotional stress, with coronavirus.

More than half of Americans, or about 175 million people, say they are self-quarantining as in-person social contact continues to dwindle.
  • In-person social contact continues to decline with only 13% reporting ‘going out to eat’ (down from 25% last week and 56% two weeks ago) or 23% visiting friends or relatives (down from 32% and 48% two weeks ago).

2. The sudden shift to the American workforce appears to be, at the moment, stabilized, the poll says.

  • From last week, roughly equivalent numbers reporting being told to work from home (42% vs 40% last week), their employer shutting down (16% vs 18% last week), or being furloughed (20% vs 22% last week).
  • 9% of (formerly) employed respondents report being laid off.
  • Likewise, the number who report their employers shutting down has almost doubled (to 16% from 10%) as has the number being furloughed or otherwise told not to work (to 20% from 10%).

3. According to poll results, Americans appear to be adapting to the new normal of the coronavirus pandemic with stability on mental health and work efficiency measures.

  • Slightly fewer Americans report worsening mental health compared to last week (30% worse vs 35% last week) and emotional well-being (37% from 43% last week), while worsening physical health has remained stable (at 14%).
  • Among working adults, about the same number report worsened ability to do their jobs compared to last week (43% vs 44%).
  • The worst of supply chain shocks appear to be last week as the number attempting, but failing to buy basic foods (at 18% from 23% last week) or toilet paper (at 34% from 37% last week) has stabilized.
Adapting to the new normal