Matthew Rosenquist has joined the Eclipz executive team as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Rosenquist was CISO at Intel corporation for 24 years.

In a blog post, Rosenquist says, "I initially joined the Eclipz Advisory Board last year after becoming truly amazed at the potential of how this technology can change the fundamentals of data transport security. The Eclipz organization is a powerhouse startup, coming out of stealth, with an elegant and robust technology to secure data-in-transit, in ways that align with the rapidly evolving needs of the business sector. The original technology was created and deployed for the most discerning of U.S. government agencies to securely communicate and protect highly sensitive data across untrusted endpoints and potentially hostile networks. Now, Eclipz is bringing this vetted capability to the commercial market with additional features that align with the specialized needs of businesses. This increases the usability, deploy-ability, and scalability, which corporations and communication infrastructure providers require."

He adds, "My longstanding professional career mission has been to make digital technology more secure and trustworthy. Eclipz will play an important role, and there are many more initiatives I will continue to foster, contribute, and support. Joining the Eclipz team is the next evolution in how I help move the needle towards better security across the entire digital ecosystem. I remain committed to my engagements across a broad spectrum in support of cybersecurity technologies, research, education, standards, privacy, collaboration, and to foster diversity. My quest to make technology more secure will weave the new CISO role into continuing work with various Advisory Boards, select non-competing consulting, research, and public engagements."