AeroDefense’s patented drone detection system, AirWarden™, provides security teams the situational awareness and configurable alerts needed to respond effectively to drone threats. Operating on the physical radio frequency (RF) signal level, the system utilizes spectrum-sensing technology to detect and locate both known and unknown drones and their pilots (controllers) simultaneously. The technology operates effectively in urban environments with very heavy RF-saturation, as well as remote areas. AirWarden requires no authorization for domestic commercial use. It does not demodulate and decode RF signals by extracting information such as GPS coordinates, drone serial numbers, or time stamps from the drone communication channel. The Department of Homeland Security currently recognizes AirWarden as the only drone detection technology to receive a SAFETY Act Developmental Testing & Evaluation Designation. End users can receive full immunity from liability claims alleging technology failure in the event of a terror attack under the SAFETY Act.

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