FC Barcelona’s official Twitter accounts were hacked by the OurMine crew. 

According to a news report, a general, now-deleted post was made by OurMine, a hacking collective that made headlines for taking over official Twitter accounts for 15 different NFL teams in January 2020, that read:  “Hi, we are OurMine. Well, this is the second time, the security level is better but still not the best to improve your accounts security Contact us: contact@o u r m i n e. org. For security services visit: o u r m i n e. org”. 

Forced to address the matter after taking the posts in question down, FC Barcelona publish an official statement on Twitter: “FC Barcelona's Twitter accounts have been hacked, which is why messages from outside our club have appeared, and which have been reported and deleted. The tweets were made through a third-party tool for data analytics.”

And, “FC Barcelona will conduct a cybersecurity audit and will review all protocols and links with third party tools, in order to avoid such incidents and to guarantee the best service to our members and fans. We apologise for any inconvenience this situation may have caused.” 

In an email to Business Insider, OurMine confirmed it was behind the cyberattacks against both FC Barcelona and the Olympics. The group, which it said consisted of 5 people, told Business Insider it chooses its targets at random. It confirmed it used a third-party app to access the accounts. "We accessed it by security issues on FC Barcelona and Olympics employees, which allowed us to access the third-party app," the group told Business Insider. 

A WIRED profile on the hacking collective indicates that OurMine has previously hacked the Twitter accounts of Mark Zuckerberg, his sister Randi Zuckerberg, Spotify founder Daniel Ek, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, and actor Channing Tatum.