The Air Force is looking for industry help in securing security and industrial control systems networks on its bases.

Under the Evaluation of Cyber/IoT Vulnerabilities of Department of Defense Critical Infrastructure (ExCITe) proposal, the Air Force is asking for information regarding technical concepts, approaches and merits of the ideas of work pertaining to the automatic identification, mapping and security analysis of various base control systems.

The base control systems consists of industrial control systems/supervisory control and data acquisition (ICS/SCADA), building automation, life safety, utility monitoring and airfield control systems, which have become increasing cyber targets in recent years. 

Control systems technology extends across a broad array of Air Force functions and facilities, says the request. The Air Force notes that ensuring organizational awareness and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of threats and risks to control systems is integral to ensuring Air Force mission success. "In response to these needs, the Air Force seeks to establish a real-time situational awareness platform capable of determining a base’s overall cyber threat surface in terms of control systems technology. A key factor in determining the overall cyber threat surface is an accurate inventory of control systems devices connected through both internet protocol (IP), serial, and other connections," notes the request.