The Department of Justice announced that it has awarded more than $85.3 million in grants to improve school security and safety.

The grants come after President Donald Trump signed the STOP School Violence Act into law in March 2018.

The STOP School Violence Act also authorized the Office of Justice Programs and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services to develop grant programs that provide funding to enhance school safety. The funds are used to develop or improve school safety projects, such as enhancing school threat assessment efforts, as well as to implement technological solutions that improve reporting of suspicious activity in and around schools. The program also helps states create and enhance State School Safety Centers.

The funds will be used to prevent and respond to mental health crises that may precipitate violent attacks on school grounds. The training will address issues such as bullying, addiction and interpersonal violence through education sessions in consultation with school violence researchers, licensed mental health professionals, social workers, teachers, principals and other school personnel.

Funds will also be used to provide K-12, primary and secondary schools for school safety measures such as coordination with law enforcement; training for local law enforcement officers to prevent student violence against others and themselves; and metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures.